My Ford Sierra Ghia 2.0i turbo intercooler



This Sierra doesn't exist anymore! It was sold away in pieces.

Pictures of this sierra can be found here
Block Standard 2.0 OHC
Pistons Mahle forged 92mm
Connecting rods Standard, lightened and polished
Crankshaft Balanced and polished
Oil pump High capacity
Oil sump Largened and divided into cells, with turbo-oil return hose
Flywheel Lightened and balanced
Clutch 4 puck 240mm copper-clutch bought 18.4.2001 (picture)
Head gasget Sierra Cosworth standard (summer-2000: motorcraft)
Camshaft Camtec? , should be suitable for turbo-use
Followers Camtec
Inlet valves Larger than standard
Type Bosch L-Jetronic from IS-Sierra (picture)
Injectors 2wd Cosworth standard (yellow, Weber-Marelli IW-025) injectors, bought 7.4.2001 (picture)
  (was: Standard, Bosch 0 280 150 219, (167cm3/min @ 2.5bar) (picture) )
MAP 3 bar weber-marelli (cosworth-type)
Fuel-pump Bosch
ECU Self-made, details here
Front discs 2wd cosworth ventilated 283mm (11.1") disc
Front pads 2wd cosworth
Front calipers 2wd cosworth 4-pot
Rear 2wd cosworth 273mm solid discs (picture)
Rear pads 2wd cosworth
Rear calipers 2wd cosworth
Hoses Steel braided brake hoses
Front shock absorbers Spax TSX top adjustable McPherson struts (picture)
Front springs Spax SSX Sprint springs
Rear shock absorbers Spax GSX adjustable telescopic dampers bought 18.4.2001 (picture)
Rear springs Spax SSX Sprint springs
Front anti-roll bar Standard, 26mm
Front anti-roll bar bushes Polyurethane; bought 18.4.2001
Rear anti-roll bar 2WD Cosworth standard, 14mm
Rear axle bushes Polyurethane; bought 11.4.2001(picture)
Turbo Mitsubishi TC06-11A, air/oil-cooled (picture)
Intercooler Cosworth standard intercooler, bought 7.4.2001 (picture), (previous was Fiat Uno's (picture) )
Pop-off Pop-off valve (picture), bought 7.4.2001
Gearbox Standard (2.0L) 5-speed manual (Picture)
Rear-axle Complete 2wd Cosworth rear axle (picture 2)
Final drive Limited slip differential, 3.65:1 final drive ratio.
Wheels Cosworth 15" wheels (picture), bought 16.5.2001
Oilcooler Unknown medium-size, without thermostat
Front seats OMP RS, blue
I had the injection system running quite well, and I even drove the Sierra
on a racetrack few times with the system installed.. The motherboard I used with my board broke, and then I installed carburettors,
that's why all the latest pictures show carburettors.
That time I already knew that I was going to sell the car away, and I just wanted to drive it.
Sierra was sold, and the injection project kinda freezed.
Now I have a small Toyota Starlet (KP60), which I drive at the racetrack sometimes.
Maybe I will install my ecu on it someday, who knows.
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Engine bay, 1998, without turbo. Engine bay, summer 1999 Turbo and exhaust manifold. Engine, summer 2000 Chassis, 25.11.2000 Block, Fall 2000, just painted Cylinder head, 25.11.2000    
Engine, 20.4.2001 Rear susp. , 12.5.2001 Enginebay, 11.5.2001 Enginebay, 23.5.2001 Alternator, 31.5.2001 OMP seat, 28.6.2001      
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